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Link building, in its most basic sense, refers to the subject of relevance. When it comes to search engine results, Google tends to feature the site that is the most relevant. There are a slew of criteria that go into determining relevance, but one of them is how many other sites link to yours.

In the eyes of search engines, a link from a high-ranking website is like a vote of confidence. So the more authority links you can accumulate, the higher your site will rank.

For new sites, link building can be a daunting task. You don’t have any established relationships with other websites to trade links with, and there’s no pre-existing link equity to bank.

The good news is that link building on a new site doesn’t have to be that hard. You can still get high-quality links if you follow the rules.

Relevance Is Key To Good Link Building

link building and relevance

The most important aspect of link building is to make sure that your site has inbound links from relevant websites. Primarily, you want links from other decorating or home-improvement sites if you have a decorating website. Links from casinos and pharmacies are not going on to help your decorating site’s rankings. They will likely hurt you.

Google prefers a gradual, consistent growth when link building for your site. If you want Google top rankings, this is the motto you should follow with one exception. You don’t have to be a slave to this method if you’ve just launched a new website and you want to get your project off to the right start.

Link Building Takes Time

It takes time for Google’s algorithms to evaluate new link signals and incorporate them into the link profile they use for ranking sites. This means you may speed up the procedure by rapidly creating a large number of links, but be aware that while your site adjusts, your rankings may decrease momentarily.

You’re probably aware that new websites do not rank in Google. Instead, your site will spend six months to a year in the much debated Google sandbox. Given this information, you don’t need to be concerned about Google for at least six months. Even if Google doesn’t rank you during this time period, you won’t fall behind because of it.

I prefer to build as many genuine, relevant links as possible the moment a fresh site goes live. The reason is that I believe it’s beneficial to start aging the links as soon as possible. Links to your site tend to appreciate in value with time on other sites. In my opinion, why not maximise the quantity as fast as possible? It isn’t as if you’re going to be penalised for it as long as you are working on quality too.

I am not suggesting that you use link farms or buy links in taking this approach. These could easily get your site a penalty. I’m suggesting that you put your link trading efforts into overdrive to build up as many as possible and get the aging process started. You may begin scaling back your activities as soon as month four of the sandbox. It’s worked for me before.

Where To Get Links From

You can use a variety of link building techniques to get links from relevant websites. Here are some methods that have worked for us:

Broken Link Building

First, add Link Checker to Google Chrome.

broken link building

Link Checker is a free Google Chrome plugin that helps you find broken links on any website. I will explain how to use this in the next paragraph.. But first, let’s go through step number two. Search for websites you want to receive a link from. You may have a few in mind already.

If you don’t, just Google keywords that are relevant to your field. The sites that appear in the search results are excellent places to obtain backlinks. Now it’s time to check for broken links.

To do this, visit a few pages on the site you found and run the Link Checker extension.

All the broken links on that page will be shown. Then let the site’s owner know about the link problem and suggest your own as a substitute. When I discover a broken link on someone else’s website, I send them a personal email mentioning their site and its quality. The more you personalise your email, the more links you can get.

Here is an example:

Hi [name]

I was searching for some information on [subject] and stumbled on your great article on that same subject.

(Mention some things you liked about the article)

While I was reading through I found a few links that don’t seem to be working. Would you like me to forward the ones I jotted down?


[your name]

After they reply I mention the broken link (send the url to the link too) and request they check out my content as an alternative.

Guest Posting

building links through guest posts

One great way to get links from relevant websites is to write guest posts for them. Guest posting is when you write an article for another website and include a link back to your own site.

To make this link building process easy for you, I recommend searching for Guest Post Sites and choose the best option for your needs.

Press Releases

A good way to get your brand noticed is by sending out press releases. There are free ones, but the best ones come from using press release submission services. You can get high quality links from high authority news sites that the search engines love.

It’s best to start small if you’re on a budget and build up to the higher cost services after. These links don’t last forever, but they can give you a huge boost when starting out.

link building authority via press releases

There are many places to get Press Releases and Distribution. is one. I have used one service in particular and got good result. Click here to check it out.

UK Press Release Distribution via PR Fire

PR Newswire

For worldwide press release distribution, you can use PR Web

Get Links From Resource Pages

To begin, you must locate resource pages. These are not always easy to discover. Only a small fraction of individuals refer to their resource page as “a resource page.”

Instead, people usually describe their page using phrases like:

“helpful resources”

“useful resources”

“further reading”

“additional resources”

You just need to search for these phrases, plus a keyword. For example, suppose you’ve just published an article on social media marketing. You do a search using this term:

“useful resources” social media marketing

You will quickly get a list of results you can go through.

Second, now that you’ve discovered a resource page, it’s time to contact the owner and (politely) request a link. The following is the email script I propose:

Hi [Name],

I was searching for some articles to read about [Your Topic] today, when I came across your [Resource Page Title].

Very Useful.

I noticed you have a section on your resource page dedicated to [Your Topic]. I recently published a comprehensive guide on the topic. It may be worth adding to your page.

Thanks and have a great day!


[Your First Name]

To be clear, this script is simply a guideline. The more you customise your outreach emails, the more links you’ll receive. However, this established strategy is a tried and true structure that you may use as a starting point.

link building for a new website

There are just a few strategies to get you started. There are many more, but if you’re a beginner it’s best to start with these few trusted and tested methods and then move on to others.

Eventually you will be able to learn about getting .edu and .gov backlinks that are some of the most powerful online. These are the highest quality and not easy to get for new sites. You can learn how to get links from Wikipedia too, but first things first.

Establish your site over a couple of months and then go for these other sources in your link building campaigns.

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