Coventry Music Museum

Located on Walsgrave Road in Ball Hill, Coventry, the Coventry Music Museum is an art gallery, music record archive, and interactive media studio. It’s a must-visit location for music enthusiasts of all ages. Its exhibits range from historic sheet music to contemporary works.

About Coventry Music Museum

The Coventry Music Museum is an art gallery, music records archive, and interactive media studio. This unique museum is open to the public free of charge, and is one of the best places to experience local music. Founded in 1997, the museum is dedicated to celebrating music and the people who created it. Its mission is to share the history, culture, and heritage of the music industry with the public, and to educate people about the importance of music for our everyday lives.

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A lifelong passion of Pete Chambers, the museum aims to promote local music and history. It is a small museum with a big heart and many interesting exhibits. From a recording studio where visitors can try their hand at music, to a Ghost Town Car, the museum has something for everyone.


The Coventry Music Museum is a small but mighty institution. Founded by Peter Chambers and his wife Julie, this museum is a labour of love and donations. The museum’s small size and close-knit culture help to create a calm and relaxed environment.

The Coventry Music Museum is run by volunteer staff. The founders, Julie and Peter Chambers, are passionate about promoting Coventry and Warwickshire music. Despite its small size, the museum offers a rich and varied experience for visitors. Visitors can try their hand at music at the museum’s recording studio, and they can take a tour of the Ghost Town Car.

Opening hours

The Coventry Music Museum is a music records archive, art gallery, and interactive media studio. The museum has a lively and accessible atmosphere. Its subjects are enriched by the city’s social history. For example, visitors can try their hand at playing music in the music studio, and check out the Ghost Town Car.


Admission is free. However, you must plan for your visit well in advance. You can find out more about the museum by visiting its website or calling 01727 666666.

The Coventry Music Museum is a great place to learn about music history from the Midlands. It has several sections that can help you learn more about the local music scene. Some of the highlights include a mark II John and Yoko bench, a tour waistcoat worn by Vince Hill, and a John Lennon Corner.

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