Coventry Cathedral

Coventry Cathedral is the seat of the Diocese of Coventry and Bishop of Coventry. It is situated in the city of Coventry, West Midlands, England.

Coventry Cathedral – St Mary’s Priory

St Mary’s Priory, Coventry Cathedral is an ancient religious institution that dates back to the 12th century. The structure was later destroyed during the Dissolution of the Monasteries in the early 16th century. Located in Coventry, England, it was a place of worship for the Catholic Church.

In the 12th century, St Mary’s Priory was founded from a monastic community founded by the earl of Merica and his wife Lady Godiva. Unfortunately, during Henry VII’s Dissolution of Monasteries, the medieval cathedral was destroyed. For centuries, the ruins were hidden under a Victorian graveyard. However, in the late 1990s, the site was reopened to the public. There are various tours available to explore the ruins.

St Mary’s Priory Cathedral contains many relics of the priory. Visitors can tour the ruins and see the Apocalypse Mural. There is also a modern visitor centre. It promotes tourism in the city and has displays that explain the history of the site.

St Mary's Priory Coventry

St Michael’s Cathedral

Coventry Cathedral, also known as St Michael’s Cathedral, is a stunning building, constructed in the mid-twentieth century. Built in the modernist style, the structure became a symbol of peace and reconciliation in post-war Britain. Its interior includes a massive tapestry of Christ designed by Graham Sutherland, and an emotive sculpture of the Mater Dolorosa by John Bridgeman. Other notable features of the cathedral include the Baptistry window, with 195 panes of glass. It also includes stained glass windows, including the Great West Window, which is often referred to as the Screen of Saints and Angels.

There are many reasons to visit Coventry Cathedral. For one, it is the home of the Coventry Way, which promotes reconciliation. Additionally, it serves as a major centre for religious teachings in the area. Moreover, the cathedral attracts thousands of visitors annually, contributing to the city’s economy.

St Michael on Coventry Cathedral

St Mary’s Cathedral

In the early 12th century, a religious institution known as St Mary’s Priory and Cathedral was founded in Coventry, England. However, during the Dissolution of the Monasteries in the early 16th century, it was demolished. In today’s city, you can still see the ruins of the former structure.

It was a 12th century church which became the first cathedral in Coventry. It predated St Michael’s Cathedral by several centuries. It was destroyed during the Protestant Reformation and was the only cathedral in England to be destroyed during that time. It had the status of a cathedral and a monastic institution, so it was a significant building during the Middle Ages.

However, it was not completely finished when Cardinal Moran was in charge. In 1913, Archbishop Kelly laid the foundation stone of the cathedral’s nave, which was still not completed at the time. This was later dedicated in 1928 by Archbishop Kelly as a church for the 29th International Eucharistic Congress. The first and second stages of the building are distinguished by a slight difference in the colour of sandstone.
Coventry Cathedral Ruins

The Coventry Music Museum

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