Allesley Park Coventry

If you are planning a day out to Coventry, you might want to consider visiting Allesley Park. There are many attractions here, including Allesley Village, Allesley Hall, and the Walled Garden. Read on to find out more about these attractions. You may also enjoy a picnic in the park.

Allesley Park

The name Allesley Park has an interesting history. The area has been home to various notable people, including Lord Thomas, the banker who founded Coventry’s first hospital. The land itself dates back to the middle ages, and the area was once a deer park. It was later developed into a beautiful park by the famous publisher Thomas, who preferred the Arts and Crafts style to the Georgian mansion that had stood there until his death.

Allesley Village

Allesley Park is a park near Coventry that’s also the name of its residential suburb. The suburb is about 2.5 miles northwest of the city centre and east of the A45 Coventry bypass.

Allesl;ey park Coventry

Allesley Hall

Allesley Park is a historic location in Coventry. Its history reaches back to the Middle Ages and includes a Norman Conquest castle and a Motte and Bailey castle. It was originally a deer park. During the 18th century, the hall was built and the park was replanted with fruit trees. According to the Allesley Hall catalogue, the hall had four quarters and a central path. There was also a stove house, vinery and forcing pits.

Allesley Hall
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Allesley Park Walled Garden

Walled Garden
E Gammie / Gateway to Allesley Hall walled garden / CC BY-SA 2.0

Located in Coventry, Allesley Park Walled Garden is a great place for nature lovers. The garden is home to a variety of wildflowers and a hidden garden trail. The park also hosts events such as produce markets and educational talks.

Sir Edward Newdigate

Allesley Hall has a long and interesting history. It is the site of a Norman Conquest castle, and in the 13th century it was established as a deer park. In 1660, a Georgian-style hall was built to replace the mansion. It was home to the Coventry City Council’s Parks Department before being converted into a care home.

The Allesley Park Coventry, Coventry Cathedral, and Allesley Park are a wonderful combination to stay in Coventry. The hotel provides a comfortable setting in the city, with features including laundry facilities, a 24-hour front desk, and babysitting/child care. The hotel also offers meeting rooms, banquets, and a beautiful terrace. Coventry Cathedral is a short drive away and is a wonderful place to visit.

Coventry Cathedral


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